Content in the Mists


Wormholes are the red headed stepchild of EVE. They’ve done pretty well, and provide some content not available anywhere else in EVE, but CCP also seems to have abandoned them for the most part, based on the recent changes, or rather the lack of them. While it’s been a few years since I lived in a wormhole, I still think wormholes are a key part of EVE, and I want to see them fixed, and hopefully even improved. I’ve been reaching out to a variety of people to try and sort out the best way to get this done.

  • My number one goal with wormholes is to make hole to hole fights more common. There’s been an increasing move towards groups previously known for their wormhole brawls taking up residence in null-static holes and primarily roaming into null for fights. This is particularly tragic, as wormhole mass limits and numbers mean that the meta within holes is so unique, with lots of brawling, bling, and minimal cap blobs.

    • One of the big drivers previously was the use of caps in escalations in higher class holes. This put risk on grid, and forced fights. I’d like to see a return to the more prominent usage of caps in krabbing, rather than unending MJD Rattlers and Astras.

    • The big solution to the MJDs specifically is similar to null, where the sleepers can scram, reducing escape chances.

    • The other end of it is reincentivizing caps via more strict requirements on cap presence for escalations, as well as increased rewards for the use of caps compared to current, though likely not to the previous amounts, which were extreme enough to cause the nerfs in the first place.

  • The other big benefit from these changes would, I hope, be a bigger draw towards mid-tier holes, where they would become the best subcap isk making, while high class holes resume being primarily cap based. It’s important to have a middle ground option for smaller corps, or corps with less capability. Not everyone can field caps, but they should still be able to make a living in a hole. Ultimately, more people in wormholes means more content opportunities.

  • Finally, I’d like to see C1/2 see more use for short term living. Having k-space roaming opportunities is super important of course, but so is getting people into holes in the first place. If low class holes become a really viable source of isk making for newbros popping out of highsec into the holes, it may cause them to get into wormholes as a whole. I know that’s what sparked my interest, when I was a little guy in highsec, a buddy and I started ninja mining gas sites in wormholes. It really got the blood pumping, since not only were we making more money, but we also had far more risk than we did missioning and mining in highsec. That’s the feeling I think more people should get the opportunity to experience in holes.