Empires in the Dark


Nullsec is one of the biggest things that makes EVE so unique from any other games. Given my time in null, I obviously have a bias here, but very few other games have anything approaching this level of opportunity to create your own empire from the ground up. Where lowsec tends to be a lot more shooting based, null is where organization thrives. That being said, it’s important to have soft limits on that organizational capability, as it can very easily result in a boring stalemate, as seen 5 years ago pre-Phoebe. This is a very long section, but it’s an area that deserves this kind of length. Also, note that much of this was affected by the balance patch, and thus edited.

  • Null is the most vulnerable region to economic shifts, as everything in null is built by players. This means null feels the effects of bots and overproduction far more than anyone else.

  • As mentioned in my primary platform, it should be less viable for groups to harbor bots.

  • The other side of the economic problems coin, however, is the ludicrous production ability increases we’ve seen, which directly affect the meta, most recently with caps, and not in a positive way.

    • For this reason, I’d like to see Rorquals become less multiboxable, as right now, you see far too many double digit rorqual fleets controlled by a single individual. This would tend to nerf the larger groups while leaving smaller groups intact. One solution to this may be to make rocks smaller, both physically and in terms of amount of ore, while adding more to the belt, meaning rorqs need to move more but anoms maintain current ore.

    • On the flip side, I’d like to see an excavator price drop, ironically one we are actually currently seeing. I think being able to shoot excavators is great gameplay, but they should not be 1-1.5b, more 6-700m.

    • Rorqual PANIC is also an excellent content driver, and one of the best ways to provoke a fight from a group.

    • The one production center that has been net negative is moongoo, which has caused excessive T2 prices. I’d like to see moon ore become compressible, along with a refine yield buff. One other interesting option I’ve seen is giving moons a +1 rarity boost when they jackpot, based on the racial goos.

  • While the economy is obviously a major issue, caps are by no means innocent here. We’ve seen a drastic drop in the opportunities for roaming gangs, as well as the overwhelming oppression of supers in fleet fights.

    • Supercapital application to subcaps is a major issue, though the balance patch had a significant positive effect, as it allows them to dominate the field with minimal worry or need for support. There’s three big components to this.

      • Titan LR Guns: While people and CCP talk about HAWs a lot, HAWs really aren’t a major issue. The majority of fleet fight problems stem from long range guns, which allows Titans and Dreads to be effective against subcaps at range and caps simultaneously, without needing to change weapons. This makes a joke of the fitting choices inherent in having three types of guns. This is one of the big oversights in the patch, as mentioned in my post.

      • Fighters: Light fighters are actually in an ok state currently, compared to where they used to be. The biggest issues with fighters right now are with supers, who can run two support fighters and three long range fighters, allowing them to hold down and blap subs all day long. I would be hesitant to push too far here, I’d rather see incremental changes on a 1.5 month balance cycle, but a nerf to LR application, as well as a cycle time on tackle fighters, would be a good fix here, which would also slightly reduce ratting capability. Most of these were implemented in the balance patch, and seem to have worked reasonably well, though support fighters remain an issue.

      • NSAs: The NSA is essential to fighter warfare, as it allows SS fighters to actually be able to attack. However, it has the negative side effect of making it far too easier to rapidly lock hostile subs and tackle them. I’d like to see the bonus for these somehow only apply towards fighters, or at least with less of a bonus towards subs. The change to the NSA in the recent patch was a great idea, and seems to have helped on the smaller scale.

    • Beyond subcaps, Dreads have also widely fallen out of favor, with many alliances having now attempted and failed at a massive dreadbomb. While the switch from spider tank to FAX was an improvement, as it allowed something to actually die, FAX are simply too effective against dreads. This has meant that dreads are only really useful in small isolated drops, and as LR dreads against subs, which is not ideal. The FAX changes have changed this situation dramatically, and I am firmly a fan, as I mention in my post, so I’m eager to see how it will affect the meta.

      • FAX right now outrep dreads by an insane margin. A rep decrease, possibly combined with the introduction of anti-rep bombs or similar, would come in handy here. I’d also like the siege module to undo the EHE nerfs, which were very good for the FAX meta, but bad for the Dread meta, restoring the EHE to 99% resistance on dreads. That being said, this is a tough situation to solve, which would require multiple years of work, which is why in the meantime, I’d like to see…

      • Dreads become more useful vs citadels. This would give them a role they’ve been previously locked out of. It should be viable to bash a Fortizar with dreads other than long range Phoenixes. To make this possible, I’d like to see further nerfs of citadel weapons against caps, along with a buff against subcaps. I’d also like to see the ability for dreads to ignore damage caps with diminishing returns when using siege modules, possibly along with a resistance buff vs citadel weaponry.

  • On a smaller scale, I’d like to see non-nano roaming comps be more viable again, which I hope the fighter application nerfs would help. However, I’d like to see a couple things happen here.

    • First off, a structure able to be threatened by roaming games, JBs are a good candidate here because of their lower cost and use in power projection.

    • Second, the ability for something, probably marauders, to be able to project a cyno inhib effect while in Bastion.

  • Structurewise, there’s some major points missing currently.

    • Jump Bridges make it very difficult to roam or trap people, as their power projection means people can run circles around you on the system scale with no issue. I think adding a polarization timer, wormhole style would help a lot here, as you couldn’t just bounce back and forth forever.

    • An observatory structure would be nice, allowing you to ping cloaky campers once a day and decloak, or maybe even once a week.

    • Jammers seem like they’re far too strong with the ability to have three in one system currently.

    • I’d like to see a notification when a citadel is placed in sov, much like how POSes work.