Dimly Burning Fire


Lowsec is currently in a far worse state than at any other point in the game. Faction Warfare and generic lowsec alliances alike are departing in droves, primarily to wormholes and nullsec. This is bad for the game as a whole, as lowsec is the first place most people go when they want to try out pvp, in addition to representing a very different lifestyle option from null, with smaller scale pvp and in an ideal world, better small gang combat rather than just ratter hunting. While the whole of lowsec is suffering, I in particular want to see Faction Warfare restored to its previous heights, as this not only creates some excellent content, but also helps retention. I have very fond memories of Faction Warfare.

  • Faction Warfare represents both a really fun form of gameplay, and the perfect spot to send newbros.

  • It retains a moderately guided structure via built in objectives, which cushion new players instead of sending them into the wild.

  • When revitalizing FW, it’s important to ensure the good parts are maintained:

    • Easy to get into via NPC FW corps

    • Income, even if small, from PVPing

    • Choosable and different sized fights

    • Clear in-game objectives

  • On the other hand, there’s some short-term solvable problems:

    • Citadels in FW space should not be dockable to the opposing faction regardless of ACL

    • An FOB-type POS replacement structure would help to provide similar gameplay to the previous POS staging bases during system contests

    • Missions should be easier to harass, while LP rewards for plexing and PVP should be buffed to compensate

    • LP modifiers should be based on individual progress within the rank system, and reset when you join the other side, rather than tiers, in order to disincentivize farming and flipping

    • The NPE missions should directly feed into Faction Warfare, and possibly continue the storyline in FW.