Cornak4CSM: Can't Stop Won't Stop

This is an edited version of my post on TEST forums following the CSM results, delayed till today because it’s a pain to post on mobile and I was at EVE North all weekend. My recap of the EVE North info and commentary will follow tomorrow. I intend to maintain my posts all the way into the 2020 campaign season, though not necessarily at the weekly frequency, more as events happen that necessitate them.

So this is an unfortunate result, although I was glad to see I ended up 12th as opposed to 44th, so shoutout to everyone who voted, it came down to the second to last round, so your votes were definitely critical. We also got Vily in immediately with 3k votes without needing to eliminate any candidates and have passthrough, so that’s a whole lot of votes from us.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way the campaign went. I got to meet a whole lot of people at all the town halls and other media events, and ended up learning a bunch about some particularly niche areas of the game that I didn’t even know existed before talking to those people. EVE is an incredibly diverse game, so I think it’s incredibly important to learn as much about all the diverse bits as possible, and the best way to do that is by talking people. Even had I know the end result, I still would’ve done all those town halls, because even on their own they were great. Thanks to all the corps who can read this for hosting me for many of those. 

I’m also very proud of my website, especially once I managed to settle in a color scheme. I’m fairly confident that, unless there’s a niche highsec candidate out there whose platform I didn’t read, I have the most comprehensive and informative platform out there. While, and I reiterate this constantly, the CSM is a feedback entity, and therefore you cannot expect anything to be actively pushed, it is nonetheless critical that voters have an idea of how the people they vote for will provide feedback on the CSM, because most of the time, what the CSM does is not publicly available, the minutes being the exception, so without a platform, you’re basically going in blind. I also had a great time doing some deep dives in the blog section, and I certainly intend to keep that up, though likely at a slower pace for the downtime post-campaign. I’ll certainly be putting one up for EVE North.

Speaking of continuing, I certainly intend to run again next year. I enjoyed interacting with the community a whole lot, and it’s something I firmly believe is necessary. The other nice thing is we have firmer data to go off of now that we have a completed election, which makes it easier to math things out. Looking at the voting data, thanks to Steve and Suitonia for making it readable, it looks like we overcommitted to Vily on the TEST end, which made sense as we wanted to play it safe considering how bad our history with the CSM is. Because Vily was on so many external ballots, once he won right off the bat, all those ballot placements dropped down, and most of the time not to candidates we cared about. With a bit more thinking cap time we should be able to organize it better next year, ensuring optimal pass-through.

In general, if you have any feedback on the campaign, or anything related, or anything at all really, feel free to hit me up here/on discord/carve your message in a dead fish and throw it in the ocean and hope it makes it to me. Community engagement is a big component of the CSM, so no sense in not taking feedback.

Cornak Firefist