The Crucible of Retention


Highsec has always been a sticking point for EVE. It is simultaneously critical to the game, and also a major problem point. According to CCP FanFest presentations, a lot of players never leave highsec, and of those players, a significant number of them never make it much past the NPE. I would like to see this reformed on twin poles, the first, and most important, being the continued improvement of the NPE, and the second, the consistent viability of highsec as a gameplay style, while also encouraging people to branch out.

  • One of the best recent improvements to highsec has actually been the highsec market hubs. These have consistently created large scale content literally in Jita’s front yard. One of the main things that kept me interested in EVE was getting to see these big fights, because it gave me something to aspire to. I personally have seen many highsec recruits come out of this.

  • Improving the NPE is a constant struggle. With 10,000 new people each week, and most of them quitting, there’s a lot of work to be done. I experience the NPE quite a lot making spy alts, and appreciate all the work that’s gone into it, but I’d like to see more happen, specifically:

    • A proper overview

    • Suggested fittings and guidelines

    • More direction into Faction Warfare

    • More direct explanation of skill training and income options.

    • Less reliance on out of game tools to compensate for the game’s lack. Ghost fitting is a great example of this.

  • We need a solution to the Molea graveyard. This issue was brought to my attention after Swet’s death, as after POSes go away, so will it. I’ve contacted Falcon directly on the matter, and he’s been receptive, so I hope to see a fix before it’s too late.