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Hey. You. Lean in closer. No...closer. Shhhh. You hear that? That's the machinery of change running mad in the street. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Rorqual buffs, mining hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the Minmatar homeworld, looking for that Dark Ochre fix, angelheaded capsuleers burning for the ancient Sansha connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of Stain. A vote for Cornak is a vote to turn back the clock on busybody bloviating pundits infesting our headspace with endless lies and promises. Cornak is a man of action. Are you with it? Are you ready? This is a revolution. They call it a revolution because it revolves. It goes around and back again. The wheel turns. That is the dharma of this universe. The eternal order. A stern, immutable decree of fate that cannot be denied. All that is born must die but others find new life in service. Cornak Firefist is the beachhead that we must break our souls upon in order to be reborn. The path of heroes is paved with blood. Or does the hero's blood pave the path he must take? Vote for Cornak Firefist. Are you listening carefully? Cornak Firefist seeks to fill the gaping emptiness you feel every single miserable waking moment of your life; that void in the pit of your stomach. That nagging voice in the void between your daylight hours. The shambling daydream you force yourself to tolerate He calls to us. He beckons us to the brink of eternity and threatens to show us the promised land. But only you can enact actual change. Voting for Cornak is a vote to set yourself free of the mortal shackles that bind you to mediocrity and the mundane repetition to which you've resigned yourself. Voting for Cornak is a vote to turn it all around. This moment. Right here. Right now. It is time. Vote for Cornak. CSM. Don't deny the future.

Baldur Kilgannon, Current Dreddit 2IC, Brave Member since 2014


Cornak is reliable, honest, patient, and understanding to all: no matter your skill or creed. I believe he has what it takes to be a CSM and represent the playerbase.

Xanoks Austrene, 1 Year Dreddit Member


The only endorsement I can give for Cornak is I don't like the guy. He's a pain in the ass to argue with, because his points are poignant and valid, or flat out right. He manages to contain the autism that is Dreddit with an almost casual unruffled flair, and is just too damn cool headed about everything.

Cornak is a constant thorn in my side anytime I have an unconsidered casual suggestion, always right there with a soapbox in hand and a well executed debate, and I can think of no better hell to release on the rest of the representatives of New Eden than Cornak Firefist.

Whatever ideas Cornak comes up with, whatever stances he has.. I will disagree with him vehemently and to my own error.

The most maddeningly frustrating personality trait, is despite any disagreements, conflicts, or outright hostilities I may engage him in, he refuses to stray from the path of being a genuinely thoughftul, caring, and charitable human being.

You want him, and you'll hate yourself for it.

Nazzarus, SPVG Corp Director


One of the best people that I have met in New Eden, it was for a good time the one who kept one of the biggest corp/alliances together when no one else did, and his knowledge about how people play this game, at least in nullsec is vast. I'm sure that if he gets elected will be one of the most important members of the CSM.

Mack Warhamer, 2 Year Dreddit Member, Brave Member during FW


Not only is Cornak an exceptional leader and all-around cool dude to be around, but it's also clear, based on the ideas he shared about the game, that he demonstrates an ability to analyze and evaluate complex issues of EVE without resorting to biases that to an extent, even some members of the current CSM follow. His value as a candidate of the CSM can be matched by few others. My vote is firmly with Cornak.

Bahnsuk Lee, 2 Year Dreddit Member


Cornak has been the CEO of a corp the size of a small alliance for over a year now and during that time I have seen firsthand how knowledgeable he is of both the mechanics of EVE Online and his drive to make it better for his fellow players. Do yourself a favor and see if you agree with him on the issues he is running on and if so, vote for him for CSM. He'll make New Eden better!

Imperitus Amam, 3 Year Dreddit Member


Cornak has a lot of real good, solid ideas. But not only that, he also has solutions to put those ideas into places.

That's why I endorse Cornak. He's really thought thinks through. He tells you exactly what he's about and what he stands for. This is what we need in the CSM.

Devoros Vyndiver, 2 Month Dreddit Member


Fantastic alliance leader and can't imagine a more suitable person to represent the eve player base as a CSM.

skothk, 5 Month Dreddit Member


Cornak would be an excellent voice for the CSM due to how much he cares not only about the game itself, but also the humans that play it.

His knowledge of game mechanics is far and wide, and he possesses an amazing ability to breathe new life into the game and his fellow corp/alliance.

Brianicus Mcfail, 5 Year Dreddit Member


Ever since I joined TEST, I have been around the level-headed, objective, and reasonable CEO of Dreddit know as Cornak Firefist. He puts his people first, knows how to keep up morale, and maintain long term inserest in EVE. Cornak also has come up with some very thought-driven ideas into how EVE can improve and I feel he would bring a considerable amount of charisma and positive change to our community.

Shinta Kobi, 2 Year Dreddit Member