Where I’ve Been

The Early Years

I'm Cornak Firefist, I've been playing EVE on Cornak in a variety of locales since 2013. I started out like just about everyone else in highsec, doing some mining and missioning with a few RL friends. We gave it a few tries over the course of a couple years, but in 2013 I was finally able to get stuck in. Unfortunately, my friends did not last, and so I was catapulted into the wacky world of RVB, which is where I first got a taste for small gang and fleets, via the constant warfare and NPSI roams respectively. I also tried out living in a wormhole to make isk to finance my NPSI habits at this point, in a C2 with a C5 static specifically.

Eventually, after enough NPSI roams, I decided to take the plunge and go to null. Brave was big at the time, and we were going to Prove and Catch a lot on the NPSI fleets, so I figured they were a good option. I joined up, and started getting involved in the recon department, and also joined Catastrophic Overview Failure, the newbro wormhole corp, where I stayed till the end of 2014. Great group of guys. I got back into space just in time for the second PL invasion of Catch, as well as for the coup. The rapid attrition acceleration resulted in my being put in charge of the recon department, which was my first taste of space jobs in EVE. Unlike many in Brave, I had a whole load of fun in Fountain with BL, right up until we were evicted. I still remember deciding with Nancy where we were going to move Brave from Fountain, as at that point, Nancy and I were basically the only top level leadership left.


We rested in Aunsou, and started to try and patch all the holes, eventually settling on Faction Warfare. This era was a great learning period for me, as I had not spend much time in either lowsec or Faction Warfare, but quickly grew to love it, FW in particular, as the alliance spent a good six months there. When Nancy had to go AFK for IRL reasons, I ended up taking over the alliance for most of the FW period, which allowed me to really get deep into the thick of FW and its unique meta. My fondest memory is of our final major action in FW in Heydieles against Aideron Robotics, who are an awesome crew, but there were a ton of wonderful sieges in general.

Eventually, we got a great offer from PH to go down to Querious, as BEFR, our French corp, had been working with them for quite a while. I opted to take this offer, and moved us all on downwards. We had a great time prosecuting war against INFAMOUS, ironically composed primarily of ex-Brave corps. The 49- gate was a slaughterfest all the time. Due to some disagreements with some people, I left in February, with Brave in a much better state than it had been, and joined Dreddit (which is recruiting.) This conveniently came right before World War Bee, followed by a long series of other conflicts that eventually put us in Eso. I eventually took over running Dreddit in order to turn it into a proper corp, rather than just a collection of people who don't fit in anywhere else, and I'm very happy with the progress I've done there. I've got a great crew who put a ton of work and time in, and it's wonderful.